Replying to: Christopher

@Christopher While in high school I was in a play, a readaptation of The Libation Bearers by Aeschylus. In one scene, Electra is sent to the tomb of his father by her mother to deliver offerings. Electra's mother was complicit in her father's death, so the actress playing Electra was delivering lines of sorrow and anger at the mother. At the same time, her hands were caressing and grasping at her father's cloak, which was laying at his tomb . I was near the director, as he whispered to me: "she is incredible, look at that. Her voice is telling one story, and her hands are telling a completely different one", one of affection for the dead father.

The "underlining" comment by Brian Eno you shared reminded me of that event. I think it's the idea that good art embraces the complexity of human emotion, whereas mediocre art flattens it out.

Giovanni Carmantini @giov