Replying to: artkavanagh @artkavanagh

@artkavanagh @simonwoods @JohnPhilpin What do you think about company/organization blogs on As these are much more likely to be broadcast-only, as it can be weird to interact with people from a company account. Case in point, I am using for my personal blogging (hi!) and for my company blog as well.

I wasn't sure about having the company blog here, exactly because this place feels much more personal, and I didn't want to spoil the "magic" somehow. On the other hand I really like the minimalistic blogging experience, the indieweb culture and ideas, and figured more support to the project was a good thing.

But yeah, the "dynamics" of communication of organizations are very different, and I'm left wondering whether there's a place for them on this platform, or they'll always feel out-of-place, almost by design. Would love to have your take on this.

Giovanni Carmantini @giov