Scambaiting AI

Showerthought, bear with me.

Email scammers can send hundred of thousands of emails with very little effort, but once somebody replies, they’ll have to spend time in the email back-and-forth to bring the scam to completion. As James Veitch explained, that’s a good point of attack. If you tie the scammer up in a back-and-forth with you, they are not scamming somebody else. This is called scambaiting

Master plan:

  1. Write a conversational AI simulating the responses of somebody baiting on the scam

  2. Make it part of a scam filter app running on email servers

  3. Disseminate

Possible outcomes:

  1. Significant permanent slowdown for email scammers

  2. Race to arms, AGI, possible dystopia with trickster AI

Giovanni Carmantini @giov